Pest Control: The only official body responsible for certifying Banksy artworks

  • Who And What Are Pest Control?, Authenticating Banksy Artworks

    Who And What Are Pest Control?

    Authenticating Banksy Artworks

    Pest Control is the only official organisation, set up in 2008, that is responsible for the authentication of artworks and the issuing of certificates of authenticity by the artist known as Banksy. Pest Control was established as a means to prevent fraud by authenticating works by the artist and stop the trading of public works removed from the streets, and is the only authority that can authenticate works by Banksy.
    Andipa Editions only sell works pre-authenticated by Pest Control that are accompanied by their certificates of authenticity.

  • When to contact Pest Control

    If you own an uncertified work by Banksy without a COA, and are considering to sell it, Andipa Editions can guide you through the application process required by Pest Control. 

    As a rule of thumb, Pest Control only certifies works produced by Banksy for commercial sale such as editioned prints and original paintings and sculptures. Street art works by Banksy such as those produced on walls, traffic cones and doors are not authenticated although there are exceptions, usually when the artist has reclaimed an object from the street and then executed an artwork upon it. 

    Once you have acquired your Banksy from Andipa Editions you may wish to contact Pest Control to notify them as to the change of ownership of the print to your name.

  • How to contact Pest Control

    A step by step guide . . .
    • 1) The only way to contact Pest Control is via their website

    • 2) Pest Control has a dedicated page (authentications) on their website that helps those looking to authenticate a work by Banksy. 

    • 3) The process includes providing  relevant information including detailed photos to assist Pest Control determine if your work can receive a COA.

    • 4) Once you have uploaded your application you should hear back from Pest Control via email. There is a small charge for this service.

    • ペストコントロール協会に連絡する唯一の方法は、下記のウェブサイトを介してです。

    • 2)ペストコントロール協会のホームページには、バンクシーの作品認証を希望される方専用ページ(認証)を設定しています。。

    • 3) 登録方法には、ペストコントロールがCOAを受け取ることができるかどうかを判断するのに役立つ詳細な写真を含む関連情報を提供することが含まれます。

    • 4)あなたが申請書をアップロードしたら、ペストコントロール協会よりEメールにて返信があります。このサービスには費用が発生いたします。

    • 1) La única forma de ponerse en contacto con Pest Control es a través de su sitio web

    • 2) Pest Control tiene una página dedicada (autenticaciones) en su sitio web que ayuda a quienes buscan autenticar una obra de Banksy.

    • 3) El proceso incluye proporcionar información relevante, incluyendo fotos detalladas, para ayudar a Pest Control a determinar si su trabajo puede recibir un certificado de autenticación.

    • 4) Una vez que haya cargado su solicitud, debe recibir una respuesta de Pest Control por correo electrónico. Cobramos un pequeño cargo por este servicio.

  • How important is it to have a Pest Control certificate?

    Pest Control certificates are ESSENTIAL when trying to sell or buy a Banksy artwork. Many buyers and auction houses will not go through with a sale should the artwork be missing its certificate. With the exception of museum exhibition loans Andipa Editions does not involve itself in works that are not accompanied by a COA.  For more information, read our guide to buying Banksy prints and, for sellers, our guide to selling Banksy prints.


  • What is a 'Pictures on Walls' Certificate?

    Pictures on Walls was established in 2003 as a publisher and print shop that showcased and produced works by a collective of artists including Banksy. Many of their artists became famous. POW stamped work can help Pest Control authenticate earlier works by the artist and often these works are accompanied with emails from POW confirming the purchase and/or verifying ownership. Please include this information if applicable when submitting your application to Pest Control.