• Consigning to Andipa Editions, Stress-free & Straight-forward

    Consigning to Andipa Editions

    Stress-free & Straight-forward

    Based on the latest selling prices, we make the process of selling artwork as simple and profitable as possible.  We get your work in front of our active buyers from across the world. Contact us via sales@andipa.com or on +44 (0)20 7589 2371 or via the enquire button below. 


    Find out more with our complimentary  Consignment Guide

  • Consigning is easy . . .

    • Market Intel

      We provide you with the latest, up-to-date record prices for your work meaning you know that you are getting a great price for your artwork at market value. If we can get more for you than expected, we will.

    • Market Leaders

      Andipa has been established in the same gallery space since 1967. A reflection on our diligence, client care and reputation.

    • Price is agreed

      We both agree a consignment value. You can expect to receive a market value and profit higher with Andipa than at auction. All with the added and invaluable benefit of privacy and discretion.

    • Agreement Signed

      Our fair consignment agreement outlines the terms and is designed to protect you and give you all the information you need to consign with us. You are in control at all times, your work is fully insured when with us, and you remain the legal owner until the work is sold.

    • Transport, handling, insurance & customs

      For UK based clients transport & insurance of your artwork to our gallery is free. For international clients, we pay all the transport & insurance costs up-front which are deducted from your proceeds of the sale.

    • Sale

      We work and seek the very best for you and when the asking price or a serious offer is made, we always come back to you to approve the sale prior to accepting the offer. 

    • Transparency

      We share with you what the buyer paid for your work giving you confidence of our trustworthy client care.

    • Quick to pay

      Once the sale is complete you normally receive the funds within 1 banking day when in the UK (and a little longer for international transfers).

    • インテル市場

      私たちはあなたのアートワークを最新登録料金にてご提供致します。. この意味はあなたのアート―ワークは最高の市場価格にて提供されているということを察します もし市場価格以上にてご提供できる場合は、もちろん高額にてご提供いたします

    • マーケットリーダー


    • 合意された価格


    • 契約署名


    • 輸送、取扱い、保険、税関について


    • 販売


    • 透明性


    • 迅速に支払い


  • Over 50 Years of Excellence in Art Dealing.

  • Why Consign With Andipa?

    Friendly. Fair. Approachable.
    • For over 50 years Andipa have been at the forefront of contemporary art. With a deep understanding of the art market coupled with our passion for our subject, we work to ensure that consigning is both a simple process for each client as well as a financially viable one.

    • We believe in clarity and transparency in all of our dealings. Before consigning the work we liaise with you to understand your objectives and provide a clear indication of market value and net value to yourself. There are no hidden costs involved enabling you to make informed decisions,

    • We have an exciting family of collectors across the world who trust both our advice and the works that we have available. Consigning with Andipa means gaining our expertise, support and, of course, excellent prices.

    • 50年以上にわたりアンディパ現代美術の最前線に立っています。アート市場を深く理解し、私たちのテーマに対する情熱を持っています。私たちは、各クライアントが簡単な方法で委託ができるようにしています。財政的に実行可能なプロセスであることを保証するために取り組んでいます。

    • 私たちは、すべての取引において明確さと透明性を証明しております。お客様がアートワークを委託される前に、お客様に委託目的を理解していただき、市場価値と正味価値の明確な指標をご提供するためにお客様にご連絡させていただきます。委託販売を決定されるにいたる情報等への追加費用等はございません。

    • 私たちは、世界中に信頼のできる家族のような多くのクライアントを保持しております。私たちアンディパに委託するということは、専門知識、サポート、優れた価格で販売するということです。

  • Excellent reputation within the industry & amongst collectors

  • Sell your contemporary art prints with Andipa Editions

    Contact us via sales@andipa.com or on +44 (0)20 7589 2371 or via the enquire button below. 


    Find out more with our complimentary  Consignment Guide