Andy Warhol Birmingham Race Riot For Sale

  • Birmingham Race Riot For Sale

    Andy Warhol Birmingham Race Riot (F & S II.3)

    Facts | History | Meaning
    Catalogue Title:  Birmingham Race Riot (F & S II.3)
    Year: 1964
    Size 20 x 24″ 30.8 x 61 cm
    Medium:  Screenprint on Strathmore Drawing paper.
    Edition: Edition of 500, 10 AP, unsigned. Published in the portfolio Ten Works by Ten Painters which is unsigned and is numbered on the colophon page.

  • Andy Warhol Birmingham Race Riot (F & S II.3)

    Meaning & History
    More than half a century later, Warhol's Birmingham Race Riot still, sadly, resonnates with Police Brutality & racism across the World.

    Birmingham Race Riot is a screenprint produced in 1964. Unsigned and published in the portfolio of Ten works by Ten Painters, the work deals with subject of protest, social division and the news cycle in its appropriation of an image of police and their dogs attacking peaceful protestors in Alabama, Birmingham 1963.

    Warhol’s preoccupation with news consumption and violence is laid bare for the viewer as the policeman’s gaze and baton are at the fore of the image. The heavy black and white contrast of the composition make the faces of the protestors and foreground less visible, suggesting their inhumane and depersonalising treatment. Warhol has also reversed the image and rendered it out of focus, mirroring the wider media manipulation of photography in the news cycle.

    ‘Birmingham Race Riot’ is a 1964 print by Andy Warhol that deals with the subject of protest, social division and the news cycle. In the photograph, originally taken by Charles Moore for life magazine, police and their dogs attack peaceful protesters in Alabama, Birmingham.

    Warhol’s subject, police brutality, is as contemporary as ever, more than half a century later.


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