Andy Warhol Committee 200 (F & S II.289)

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    Andy Warhol Committee 2000 (F & S II.289)

    Facts | History | Meaning
    Catalogue Title:  Committee 2000 (F & S II.289)
    Year: 1982
    Size 30 x 20″ 76.2 X 50.8cm
    Medium:  Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board
    Edition: Edition of 2,000, 200 AP, 25 PP, 50 HC, 5 TP which are the same as the edition, signed and numbered in pencil lower right. Published to raise funds for the Committee 2000 which works on projects to commemorate the year 2000.

  • Andy Warhol Committee 2000 (F & S II.289)

    Meaning & History
    Celebratory and joyous,  in Committee 2000 Warhol looked forward to the new millenium twenty years before.

    Committee 2000 is a screenprint published in 2000 to raise funds for upcoming projects for the new millennium. Celebratory and joyous, the screenprint depicts champagne flutes crossing over eachother with glitter or confetti beneath them. There are two distinctive layers of imagery; Warhol’s photographs, which have been re-coloured, and his neon, illustrative outlines of the glasses. 

    As the work was commissioned with view to the future in nearly twenty years, Warhol’s impression of the year 2000 is a fortuitous one.  

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