Andy Warhol Fiesta Pig Print (F & S II.184) For Sale

  • Andy Warhol Fiesta Pig for sale

    Andy Warhol Fiesta Pig (F & S II.184)

    Facts | History | Meaning
    Catalogue Title Fiesta Pig (F & S II.184)
    Year 1979
    Size 21 1/2″ x 30 1/2″ 54,61 x 77,47 cm
    Medium Screen print on Arches 88 paper
    Edition Edition of 200, 10 AP, 5 PP which are proof variations, 1 HC, signed and numbered in pencil lower right. Commissioned by the publisher for the readers of Die Welt, a German newspaper.
  • Andy Warhol Fiesta Pig (F & S II.184)

    Meaning & History
    The present screenprint recalls a work produced in the same year "After the Party" haalso shows a similar table setting, albeit without the colourful farm animal.

    Fiesta Pig is a screenprint published by the artist in 1979, for the readers of Die Welt, a German newspaper. 


    Bright, lively and humorous, this work depicts a pig inspecting plates and glasses left on the table from a party. Against a background of black, the plates are recoloured in yellow, blue and orange, mimicking the impression that the pig itself is at a party with coloured lights. 


    The present screenprint recalls a work produced in the same year "After the Party" that also shows a similar table setting, albeit without the colourful farm animal. By juxtaposing a pig with formal dining, Warhol creates a witty comment on class and etiquette, and perhaps the social circles of which he was a part of in the 70s. During his career, Warhol partied and formed friendships with the most famous faces of every era such as  Mick Jagger, Liza Minelli and Salvador Dali, yet his work was often concerned with the superficiality underneath fame. By taking a pig as an emblem, Warhol appears not to take himself too seriously.  

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