Andy Warhol Sachiko (F & S II.154) For Sale

  • Andy Warhol Sachiko print for sale

    Andy Warhol Sachiko (F & S II.154)

    Facts | History | Meaning
    Catalogue Title:  Sachiko (F & S II.154)
    Year: 1977
    Size 40” x 30 1/4” 101.6 X 76.8cm

    Screenprint on Strathmore Bristol paper.

    Edition: Edition of 7, 1 PP, signed in pencil lower right.
  • Andy Warhol Sachiko (F & S II.154)

    Meaning & History
    Warhol's electric and glamourous portrait of businesswoman and art collector Sachiko Bower is an example of the artist's prolific portraiture of the 70s.

    Sachiko is a series of two screenprints created by the artist in 1977 of real estate broker and museum trustee Sachiko Goodman. 

    The portrait depicts a refashioned photograph of Sachiko in electric colours which segment the image into four. The originally monochrome photograph draws attention to the darkness of Sachiko’s hair and eyes.  

    This work can be seen as part of a larger corpus of Warhol’s practice in the seventies whereby his portraits where inextricably tied to prominent social figures of the time who would approach the artist. During this period, Warhol did around fifty to a hundred privately commissioned portraits a year. Wayne Koestenbaum likened his productivity of the time to ‘a mixture of Picasso and Henry Ford’. Seen in this example the artist combines the vivacity of his Pop style with the mechanised and now-commercialised process of screenprinting 

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