Why Collect David Hockney?

Colour, Light, and Perspective
July 17, 2023
Why collect David Hockney prints

Renowned and Revered

David Hockney's position in the art world is indisputable. He is one of the few artists who have achieved both critical acclaim and public popularity. Hockney's art spans various styles, from his early works associated with the Pop Art movement to his later, more naturalistic yet vibrantly colourful landscapes and interior scenes.

This breadth and diversity make Hockney's prints appealing to a wide range of collectors, from those with a penchant for Pop Art to those drawn to his sun-soaked Californian scenes. As diverse as his styles, his use of innovative and exciting mediums and techniques further enhance his appeal. A master of colour, it can often be forgotten that within Hockney’s rich oeuvre that the artist uses a variety of techniques and has constantly innovated both thematically and technically. 

A Pioneering Explorer of Techniques

Hockney is known for his exploration and mastery of various printmaking techniques, including etching, lithography, and more recently, digital printmaking. Throughout his career, spanning some seven decades, he has constantly strived to use exciting and innovative methods to showcase his subjects. 

His bold use of technology, such as creating art on iPads and iPhones, is a testament to his adaptability and desire to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. Owning a Hockney print means owning a piece that showcases his skill, creativity, and pioneering approach to art.

A Worthy Investment

David Hockney's artwork continues to appreciate in value, making it a worthy investment. In 2018, his painting 'Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)' sold for $90.3 million at Christie's, setting a record for the highest price ever paid at auction for a work by a living artist. As with other artist, we often see the value of prints rising or being pulled up from the top by sales of paintings or originals, thus his strong performance at auction looks to bode well for collectors of his prints and editions. 

While original Hockney paintings might be out of reach for many collectors, his prints provide an accessible way to invest in his artwork. As the demand for his work remains high, a Hockney print could prove a sound financial investment. 

A Reflection of Personal History and Places

Within the world of Hockney, his  prints often reflect his personal experiences and his relationship with different environments, from the bright and warm California, where he spent a significant part of his life, to the contrasting landscapes of his native Yorkshire. A great chronicaller of life, we see distinct periods of his life and play out across his works: always vibrant, always exciting. Collecting Hockney's prints provides a window into the artist's life and his changing perceptions of the world around him. It's like owning a piece of his personal diary, visualised through colours, lines, and light.

Collecting David Hockney's prints offers art enthusiasts an opportunity to own a piece of a living legend's oeuvre. From his mastery of various techniques to his significant influence on contemporary art, Hockney's work is a celebration of visual expression. The vibrant energy, bold exploration of perspective, and the joyous celebration of colour that characterise Hockney's work make his prints a delightful addition to any art collection. Whether you're driven by the love of art, the potential for investment, or the desire to own a piece of Hockney's world, his prints are indeed a collector's delight.

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