Why collect Damien Hirst?

Life, death and all that is between.
July 18, 2023
Why collect Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst's screen prints offer an accessible entry point to his captivating artistic universe. While his larger-scale installations may be financially out of reach for many collectors, his screen prints provide an opportunity to own a piece of Hirst's artistry at a more affordable price point. These prints often embody the core themes and motifs that define his body of work, such as mortality, science, and the fragility of existence, allowing collectors to engage with Hirst's conceptual depth on a more intimate scale.

Hirst's screen prints are typically released in limited editions, adding to their desirability. The exclusivity of these editions creates a sense of rarity and value, making them highly sought-after by collectors. Limited edition screen prints not only hold aesthetic appeal but also offer a potential investment opportunity, as their scarcity often leads to increased demand and value appreciation over time.

Despite their apparent simplicity, Hirst's screenprints are the result of meticulous artistic technique. Each print is carefully crafted, often employing multiple layers of vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and intricate stencils. Hirst's attention to detail and his ability to manipulate the screen printing process result in visually striking compositions that capture the viewer's attention. Collectors are drawn to the skill and craftsmanship evident in Hirst's screenprints, appreciating the fusion of technical precision with his conceptual ideas. His series Memento, in particular, showcases his masterful command of the etching technique with beautifully rich butterflies perfectly captured and suspended on a jet black background. 

Hirst's screenprints frequently feature iconic imagery and symbols that have become synonymous with his oeuvre. From dissected animals to pharmaceutical pill motifs, his works possess a powerful visual language that resonates with collectors. The recurring themes in Hirst's screenprints evoke a profound contemplation of life, death, and the human condition. Collecting Hirst's screenprints allows individuals to engage with these powerful symbols, inviting introspection and philosophical discourse within the confines of their own living spaces. Known for leaning into the conceptual whilst beautifully executing it, Hirst’s screenprints combine some of his most well known imagery include butterflies, skulls and spots.

The desirability of Damien Hirst's screenprints extends beyond their artistic and conceptual merits. With Hirst being an established and influential artist for over three decades since his first exhibition in 1988, his prints have demonstrated a history of appreciating in value over time. As Hirst continues to make significant contributions to the art world and captivate global attention, his screen prints have the potential to become highly valuable assets within a collector's portfolio.


Damien Hirst's prints offer collectors an opportunity to acquire an authentic piece of his artistic vision. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these prints embody the core themes and techniques that define Hirst's practice. With their accessibility, exclusivity, meticulous craftsmanship, iconic symbolism, and investment potential, Hirst's screenprints have firmly established themselves as highly desirable collectible artworks. For art enthusiasts seeking to engage with Hirst's conceptual world on a personal level, collecting his prints provides a captivating journey into the enigmatic realm of one of contemporary art's most celebrated figures.

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