Jean-Michel Basquiat Illuminates the Art World

A multifaceted Master
October 10, 2023
Jean-Michel Basquiat Illuminates the Art World

This leap from graffiti-sprayed messages to the esteemed gallery walls facilitated a keen exploration into the stratified racial tensions of the art world, which Basquiat navigated with critical acumen through his approximately 1,000 paintings and 2,000 drawings. His work, poignant with critiques and narrations of a world that paradoxically applauded and marginalised him, continues to narrate tales of the Black experience, celebrating its richness while unmasking the horrors of white supremacy. 

Basquiat, though departing prematurely at 27 in 1988, bestows upon us a legacy that interweaves a tapestry of narratives and provocations. Here are 7 vibrant threads of Basquiat’s inspiring tapestry that continue to resonate:


The Triumphant Crown: A Nod to Black Excellence

Basquiat's recurrent crown motif simultaneously challenges and venerates Western art traditions, elevating historically oppressed Black figures to a realm of regality and even sanctity. “Jean-Michel’s crown has three peaks, for his three royal lineages: the poet, the musician, the great boxing champion,” commented his artist friend Francesco Clemente.

Amplifying Rhythms: Basquiat in the Music Realm

Venturing into the musical sphere, he produced a rap record "Beat Bop" (1983) alongside Rammellzee and K Robb, infusing his artistic touch into the single’s cover design.

A Pillar of Neo-Expressionism: Basquiat’s Artistic Stature

Basquiat emerges as a formidable figure in Neo-Expressionism, an art movement reinstating the human figure at the artistic forefront. His life, swathed in turbulent yet creative fervour, was cinematically explored in a 1996 biopic by fellow Neo-Expressionist Schnabel, featuring Jeffrey Wright and David Bowie.

Documenta’s Prodigy: An Unprecedented Achievement

Basquiat engraved his mark at Documenta, Kassel, Germany, in 1982. Being the youngest artist ever to exhibit, nearly 60 of his pieces captivated audiences at this prestigious exhibition.

Record-Breaking Acclaim: A Milestone in 2018

In 2018, Basquiat's "Untitled" (1982) was spotlighted in the Brooklyn Museum’s "One Basquiat" and shattered records at Sotheby’s, being procured by Japanese collector Yusaku Maezawa for $110.5 million, the highest sum ever paid for an American artist at auction.

From Humble Beginnings: A $200 First Sale

The journey, characterised by exponential ascent, saw his first painting sold for merely $200 to Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, after featuring in Blondie’s "Rapture" music video in 1980.

A Polyglot at Eleven: A Testament to His Multicultural Roots


With a linguistic prowess in English, French, and Spanish by age eleven, Basquiat's multicultural heritage – owing to his Puerto Rican mother and Haitian father – reverberated through his artworks.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, through the multifaceted lens of his artistry, immortalises a narrative that ceaselessly beckons for contemplation and appreciation, securing his eternal place as an artistic luminary.

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