Andy Warhol | Flowers: Andipa, London

11 - 28 January 2010

‘‘Warhol reduced and radicalised his Flowers to such an extent that the banal subject matter was now transformed into a powerful pictorial concept. The directionless format contributed to this: the pictures can be read in all directions; like an abstract painting, top and bottom, left and right, have been revoked.’’ Nina Zimmer

This exhibition brings together one of Warhol’s most loved series: Flowers. In this collection, Andy Warhol's artistic prowess meets the allure of blossoms in ways that defy convention. The series is made up of the complete collection of Flower screen prints, each equally bold and graphic in their style. The series emerged as a radical departure from his more recognizable Pop culture subjects, offering a fresh lens through which to view his screen prints. With each print, Warhol transforms these botanical wonders into bold statements that transcend traditional representations of flowers within art.

Warhol has playfully commodified nature and beauty, making a provocative statement. In a room full of the most unnatural portrayals of perhaps the most natural thing to exist, the viewer feels this dichotomy. In a traditionally Warholian manner, he has combined the high art of flowers throughout art history, with the low art of a photograph taken from a magazine.

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