Roy Lichtenstein | Reflections series: Andipa, London

2 - 18 December 2008

Andipa Gallery is proud to showcase the enthralling world of Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Reflections’ series. This exhibition will present eight of Lichtenstein’s prints in all their brilliance. This exhibition stands as a testament to Lichtenstein’s ability to convey the contemporary matters of his time, such as consumerism and celebrity culture, through the visual language of Pop Art. The "Reflections" series, created by Lichtenstein in the 1990s, is a remarkable exploration of visual perception, cultural commentary, and artistic innovation.

In his signature comic book style, Lichtenstein meticulously replicates imagery from popular culture, but this time obscures them in a semi-abstract blocks of colour that mimic that of a light reflection on glass. Lichtenstein explained his inspiration behind the series:

“It started when I tried to photograph a print by Robert Rauschenberg that was under glass. But the light from a window reflected on the surface of the glass and prevented me from taking a good picture. But it gave me the idea of photographing fairly well-known works under glass, where the reflection would hide most of the work, but you could still make out what the subject was. Well, I tried to do a few photographs in this manner; but I am not much of a photographer. Later the idea occurred to me to do the same idea in painting; and I started this series on various early works of mine … It portrays a painting under glass. It is framed and the glass is preventing you from seeing the painting. Of course the reflections are just an excuse to make an abstract work, with the cartoon image being supposedly partly hidden by the reflection”

 (Roy Lichtenstein, ‘A Review of My Work Since 1961’, in Bader 2009, p.69.)


Lichtenstein's wry assessment of contemporary culture invites you to contemplate the role of art in an era dominated by mass consumption and media. By recontextualizing popular visual culture, Lichtenstein prompts us to question the nature of originality, representation, and the impact art can have on our collective consciousness.

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