Exploring Grayson Perry's "Print for a Politician"

A Cartographic Critique
July 11, 2023
Grayson Perry limited edition signed print Print for a Politician

"Print for a Politician" unveils itself as a complex and densely populated cartographic print. The map portrays a sprawling terrain composed of interweaving lines, monochrome palette, and an array of symbols and text, forming a captivating and humorous visual journey. Perry masterfully employs the conventions of traditional cartography, merging them with his distinct artistic style, to create a map that challenges our perception of politics and power.

Perry's map is replete with symbols that invite interpretation and reflection. Images of minitaure scenes interwoven into the landscape, representing the trappings of power that often define political systems. These scenes or territories highlight the grandeur and authority associated with politics and social labelling, yet simultaneously expose their potential for manipulation and empty promises. Perry's use of irony invites viewers to question the nature of power and the intentions of those who wield it.

One striking feature of "Print for a Politician" is the fragmented and often conflicting narratives that emerge from its composition. The map is composed of multiple sections, each representing a distinct theme or issue. From economic disparities to environmental concerns, Perry draws attention to the multifaceted challenges facing contemporary society. Through this fragmentation, Perry conveys the sense of a disjointed political landscape where competing agendas and ideologies vie for attention.

Beyond its visual appeal, Perry's map is a powerful social commentary. The artist challenges us to confront the hypocrisies and contradictions that underpin political discourse. By juxtaposing conflicting narratives and highlighting societal disparities, Perry prompts viewers to question the authenticity of political rhetoric and the true motives of politicians. "Print for a Politician" serves up a humorous reminder of the futility of politics within a fragmented society of classes and stereotypes.


Andipa Editions would like to thank Professor Alex Kent for his participation in an interview with Head of Prints Alex Yellop and to our exciting Grayson Perry articles through his insightful analysis of the Perry's maps within the wider world of cartography. 

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