My Journey Collecting Banksy

Guest article by a Banksy collector of Andipa
July 21, 2023
But signed print by Banksy called Morons I Can't Believe you Buy This

For me, the allure of collecting Banksy's art lies in the fusion of his anonymity and his overtly political voice. His clandestine identity has perpetuated a sense of mystery and intrigue, thus magnifying the potency of his artistic statements. Each acquisition is more than just a visual treat; it is a piece of the puzzle that brings me closer to the enigma that is Banksy, while allowing me to own a fraction of contemporary history. The first work I ever bought was from Andipa: having been gently asked if I'd like to buy a signed Banksy print entitled Barcode (or some people call it Leopard Barcode). This was to be the first of many, and Acoris Andipa did warn me of the infectious nature of collecting prints! The addiction continues to this very day.

Banksy's art unapologetically critiques socio-political institutions and challenges the status quo. His daring imagery and wry humour expose societal ills such as Happy Chopper, consumerism such as Trolleys, and our often disillusioned human experience like Laugh Now. Owning a Banksy print is like having a powerful socio-political commentary hanging on your wall – a constant reminder of the world's imperfections and our responsibility to question and improve it.

Beyond the political and philosophical gravitas of his work, Banksy's unique artistic style is an essential reason for my fascination. His distinctive stenciling technique, borrowed from the graffiti world, imbues his work with an urban grittiness that is both raw and compelling. Every piece I collect adds to this audacious narrative, fueling my passion for this form of rebellious creativity.

But the act of collecting Banksy prints is not without its own paradoxes, a reflection of the irony that is central to Banksy's art. On the one hand, Banksy lambastes the art market's commodification, yet, on the other hand, his works are some of the most sought-after pieces, with prints commanding staggering prices. As a collector, I find myself in the heart of this irony, both a critic and participant of the very system Banksy often derides. This ironic twist, far from deterring me, adds a layer of complexity to my passion for collecting his works.

Despite the controversy and the commodification, I collect Banksy because his art stands as an enduring symbol of resistance. Each print I acquire is a tangible testament to the power of art to provoke thought, stir debate, and drive change. Collecting Banksy's work from Andipa Editions has allowed me to partake in this artistic revolution, one where the 'paintbrush' becomes mightier than the sword.

As a private collector, my journey through the world of Banksy is marked by intrigue, reflection, and paradox. The art of Banksy forces me to confront and question the world we live in, the systems we have built, and the values we uphold. And therein lies the captivating charm of collecting his works - it is an immersive experience, a silent dialogue, and an intimate dance with the socio-political zeitgeist of our times. It is not merely about acquiring art; it is about embracing the potent voice of dissent and the spirit of rebellion embodied in each of Banksy's prints.

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