Museum Exhibition: Building Castles in the Sky: Parma, Italy

18 Octubre 2021 - 16 Enero 2022

“There's nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”

Important:  The artist known as Banksy is not involved in this exhibition and has not provided any endorsements or support nor artworks for this show. This municipal exhibition was independently curated and presented. The artworks and objects presented in the exhibition were all from private collections.


THE exhibition brings to Palazzo Tarasconi the most mysterious and sought-after living artist, considered one of the greatest exponents of global Street Art. The exhibition, which will remain open to the public through 16 January 2022, is composed of more than 100 works, including some paintings, the most important screen prints, and numerous stencils. From Dismaland print to Love Is In The Air, from Barcode to Monkey Queen, from Girl with Balloon to Mickey Snake, the public will have the opportunity to admire the most iconic works, some installed objects, and a selection of memorabilia on a long journey through the revolutionary poetics of the unnamed British graffiti writer.

The show will be characterized by the strong involvement of the city of Parma and Fidenza Village, the main partner of BANKSY Building Castles in the Sky.


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Installation Views
Virtual Exhibition