Picasso Matisse: Andipa, London

6 April - 6 May 2006

Andipa Gallery is pleased to announce ‘Picasso Matisse’ show, an exhibition presenting an extensive collection of original works on paper by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

The exhibition features Picasso’s Suite Vollard, one of the most important graphic series in the history of art, capturing his reflections on the Sculptor’s Studio, The Minotaur and the Battle of Love. Also present are his rich colour Linocuts, now rare icons of modern art, and works from the 347 Series which define late Picasso. Matisse’s exquisite simplicity of line, his ability to create real space with abstract artistry, is visible throughout the show; from the simplicity of form in Loulou Masque, 1914-15 and the fluidity of line in Nu assis bras croisés sur la poitrine, 1929, to the bold playfulness of Bedoine au Grande Voite.

'Picasso Matisse' celebrates two artists who, between them, produced some of the greatest art of the twentieth century.

Installation Views
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