• Collecting Prints

    The Ultimate Guide
    by Alex Yellop
    Wallpaper with blue floor interior
    The art of printmaking has traversed centuries, evolving from 15th-century woodcuts to contemporary screenprints. Our Guide to collecting prints  serves as a guide to this diverse genre, exploring the various techniques involved and offering valuable advice for those interested in building a print collection
  • by Alex Yellop
    Warhol x Basquiat a review
    Andipa Editions were recently in New York and Head of Prints Alex Yellop had the chance to explore the latest “Warhol x Basquiat Exhibition” held at the East Village’s Brand Foundation. Here Alex shares his thoughts on the exhibition.
  • Keith Haring: Life & Art

    Art Is For Everyone
    by Alex Yellop
    Keith Haring Blueprint drawing
    Since the 1980’s, Keith Haring’s raw energy and prolific output have captivated collectors across the globe. From humble beginnings in Pennsylvania to global superstardom, Haring’s meteoric rise was tragically cut short. However, his enduring legacy continues to resonate with collectors and inspire artists each generation. In today’s blog, we look into Haring's life and art.
  • by Alex Yellop
    David Hockney Drawing from Life a review
    The National Portrait Gallery in London has undertaken the remarkable task of capturing the essence of one of Britain's most beloved and prolific artists, David Hockney. The exhibition, titled "David Hockney: Drawing from Life," is set to reopen on November 2, 2023, following a brief 2020 stint that was cut short due to the pandemic. This updated iteration of the exhibition features over 30 new portraits by Hockney and serves as a triumphant testament to his unending innovation and creative genius.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Banksy NOLA signed print
    Owning a Banksy print comes with its own set of considerations for collectors. While not as intricate as safeguarding a masterpiece by an Old Master, there are essential factors to contemplate when acquiring, framing, and displaying artwork from the renowned street artist.
  • How To Buy Hockney

    A Brief Guide
    by Alex Yellop
    Collecting David Hockney
    If you're considering purchasing a David Hockney print, there are several important factors to keep in mind to ensure you find the right piece at the right price.In our article, we explore the basics of what to consider when collecting Hockney, what to look for and where to start.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Keith Haring Stones Series
    Out of many of the artists from the 1980's, Keith Haring's works have been forged and faked more than many of his contempories. His seemingly simple style of crawling babies, dogs and UFOs have, unfortunately, seen many forgeries. In this article, we explore what to look for when buying a Keith Haring print 
  • Halloween Inspired Artworks

    Four Spooky Prints
    by Alex Yellop
    Halloween Inspired Artworks
    This Halloween we celebrate a spooky selection of artworks available at Andipa Editions to get in the mood for the scariest night of the year. We have chosen four seminal prints by our favourite artists to celebrate this blood-curdling day. 
  • Basquiat, Haring, Warhol

    A New york Nexus
    by Alex Yellop
    Basquiat Warhol and Haring
    The vibrant and transformative art scene of 1980s New York City witnessed the convergence of three seminal artists: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Each artist brought a unique perspective, style, and influence to the cultural landscape of the time. We delve into their personal and professional relationships, examining how their collaborations and interactions reshaped the art world during this pivotal period.
  • Banksy Pop Culture References

    As told through a selection of works
    by Alex Yellop
    Since bursting on to the mainstream scene in 2005, Banksy has become the most popular street artist in the world. From London to Lebanon, New York to Narobi, his works are beloved by collectors and the wider public. Banksy’s appeal to a wide audience can be attributed to his deceptively simple imagery that carries such gravitas and meaning. Within his works, he often draws from pop culture within his motifs. In this article, we explore five pop culture references as told through Bnksy’s prints.
  • Musical Warhol

    In Three Works
    by Alex Yellop
    Warhol & music
    Chronicling the culture of America of the 20th century, Warhol’s output cemented him as one of the most famous and influential artists of the time. Helping to define and shape the cultural narrative of the time, his works have cemented themselves within the canon of all-time great art. Famous for taking everyday objects and popular references and turning them into art, Warhol explored the world around him through his unique ability to distil the essence of a subject into an image. Music and film were a large part of Warhol’s life (famously managing the avant-garde Velvet Underground and producing art-house movies) in this article we explore music as shown through three seminal Warhol series.
  • Warhol Political Prints

    A Selection of Works
    by Alex Yellop
    Black Lenin Andy Warhol
    A great chronicler of the 20th American experience, Andy Warhol drew from a variety of popular subjects in his oeuvre. Known for exploring the themes of consumerism, celebrity and the “American Dream” Warhol drew inspiration from the world around him. Thematically, politics reoccurs throughout his career both within his portrait works and his wider output. In this article, we explore a selection of Warhol’s political works.
  • Banksy Battle

    Will his identify be revealed?
    by Alex Yellop
    Spray cans on a wall
    In a highly-publicised court case, British company Full Colour Black, along with its proprietor Andrew Gallagher, have initiated a libel lawsuit against the secretive street artist Banksy, resulting from a contentious Instagram post in November 2022. This legal confrontation has captivated public attention due to the possibility that Banksy’s concealed identity might be exposed.
  • Spot The Difference

    Damien Hirst Spots
    by Alex Yellop
    Spot The Difference
    Damien Hirst's spot paintings have become synonymous with his artistic identity. This collection is instantly recognizable, highly sought after, and iconic. Despite its seemingly simple premise of different colored spots on canvas, the collection represents years of refinement and artistic influence.
  • Warhol & Music

    A Celebration
    by Alex Yellop
    Warhol and music blog
    Music had a significant influence on the subject matter and artistic style of Andy Warhol, a prominent figure in the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. Warhol was deeply engaged with the music scene of his time, particularly the rock and pop music that was emerging as a dominant cultural force. Musicians and celebrity have appeared throughout Warhol’s career including both commercial works released for sale as well as album covers that he designed. Famously, Warhol took on the role of manager as he worked with the seminal Velvet Underground. We explore how music influenced Warhol’s output.
  • A Guide To Prinmaking & Printmaking Glossary

    The Ultimate Guide to Prints
    by Alex Yellop
    A guide to printmaking and a glossary
    Printmaking is an art form that involves creating artworks through printing, typically on paper but occasionally on other materials. Unlike pieces that are drawn or painted directly onto a surface, printmaking involves creating a plate or matrix, which is then used to produce multiple pieces of art. Printmaking allows the artist to create multiple originals of a single piece, each considered an original work of art despite being part of a series. In our guide, we cover the key are some of the key aspects and types of printmaking as well as provide a comprehensive guide to printmaking terminology in out glossary.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Jean-Michel Basquiat Illuminates the Art World
    Forever pulsating through the veins of art history, Jean-Michel Basquiat, born on December 22, 1960, in Brooklyn, New York, remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration, particularly in dialogues about race, identity, and social justice within the artistic domain. Ascending from the gritty surfaces of Lower Manhattan, where he, alongside Al Diaz under the alias SAMO, sprayed profound epigrams like “9 to 5 Clone” and “Playing Art With Daddy’s Money,” Basquiat would shatter socio-artistic paradigms.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Andy Warhol most popular portfolios
    One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, the pop-art of Andy Warhol has firmly established itself in the canon of great art. Observing and documenting the America of the 20th century, Warhol’s ability to turn mundane, daily objects into something other than their basic parts revolutionised how we see and interact with the world. Known for his portfolios, Warhol explored the concepts of mass-production, commercialism and celebrity to aplomb. In our article, we explore the most popular Andy Warhol portfolios.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Banksy Cut and Run Exhibition Review
    "Love him or loathe him," many of us have heard, read, or discussed the elusive entity that is Banksy. From the cluttered streets to prestigious gallery spaces, the anonymous artist has not only sparked curiosity but has also continued to shape conversations around street art, socio-political issues, and the role of artists in activism.
  • The Legacy of Hockney

    A Few Thoughts
    by Alex Yellop
    Hockney's legacy

    There are few artists in modern history who have shaped and redefined the landscape of contemporary art quite like David Hockney. With a career that spanned over six decades, Hockney's innovations, his explorations in diverse mediums, and his relentless curiosity established him as a towering figure in 20th and 21st-century art.

    A Multifaceted Talent

  • by Alex Yellop
    Infinity Mirror Rooms A Review

    The allure of Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Room installations is nothing short of astonishing. It's a remarkable phenomenon how, despite the knowledge that they are composed of rather ordinary materials—colored lights and mirrors—every encounter with these mesmerizing creations elicits a deeply visceral response that can be best described as an exclamation of "Oooooooh."

  • Banksy & Childhood

    As told through three works
    by Alex Yellop
    Banksy & Childhood
    Throughout his career, Banksy has explored various themes in his artworks. Be it pieces created for the street or for commercial sale, Banksy’s motifs show an artist who is not afraid to confront the socio-political topics that resonate across the globe. One of his most well-known motifs is that of children. From Girl with Balloon to Police Kids, Banksy uses the image of children in many of his works. In today’s article, we explore Banksy and childhood as told through three important artworks.
  • Buying Prints in a Bear Market

    Collecting Art in Economic Downturns
    Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash
    Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

    Buying art in a bear market, can present both opportunities and challenges for collectors. Here are some considerations if you're thinking about buying art during global financial downturns:


  • by Alex Yellop
    Keith Haring's inluence and legacy
    With his radiant baby and barking dogs dancing across subway walls, Haring brought art to the people, infusing the urban landscape with social commentary, activism, and boundless energy. The artistic and cultural footprint Haring left behind is indelible, making his influence resonate across various facets of society today.
  • The Legacy of Damien Hirst

    Now in his 58th year, we explore the legacy of Damien Hirst
    by Alex Yellop
    The Legacy of Damien Hirst
    Damien Hirst, the most successful British artist, has ruled the contemporary art world since first bursting onto the scene as part of the Young British Artists movement of the early 1990’s. Controversy has followed hirst throughout his career and he has constantly reinvented both himself and his works. Now entering his 59th year, we explore the legacy of the modern iconoclast, whose influence and legacy are as multifaceted as his controversial creations.
  • by Alex Yellop
    How does Banksy make money

    Since first capturing the attention of the street art world nearly 20 years ago, Banksy, the world’s most elusive artist, has become a household name across the globe. Known for his satirical, social-political subjects - his artworks have firmly established themselves in the canon of art and popular culture.

    Unknown to all but a few, Banksy’s identity remains a mystery and the cause of much specialisation. Indeed, one such question that arises is that of how Banksy makes money. In this article, we will explore how Banksy operates and earns money.

  • by Alex Yellop
    Most expensive Grayson Perry artworks sold at auction
    Ceramicist, print-maker, embroiderer , author, broadcaster - there are not enough labels to cover the multi-disciplined and fascinating skills of Grayson Perry. From his iconic maps and tapestries, his exploration of self through his altar ego to designing a house in Essex - Perry is one of the most exciting and diverse artists of the 20th century. Firmly rooted in a camp kitsch, Perry explores the world around him through poignant and engaging works.
  • by Alex Yellop
    most expensive Kusama artworks
    Yayoi Kusama, born in 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan, is a name synonymous with avant-garde art, innovation, and a unique visual language that melds the line between art and immersive experience. Over the past few decades, she has achieved worldwide acclaim, not only for her captivating Infinity Mirrored Rooms but also for her paintings, sculptures, and installations. But alongside her growing popularity among art aficionados, museum-goers, and Instagram enthusiasts, there's another facet of her career worth noting: the skyrocketing prices of her works in the auction world.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Keith Haring most expensive artworks
    Since his arrival on the New York art scene of the 1980’s by way of the Subway system, Keith Haring has created an iconic legacy that has remained popular for almost four decades. Touching on social issues that were as pertinent as they were then as they are today, his works and visual lexicon seem to channel something otherworldly. From cryptic children crawling, mysterious dancing figures and UFOs raining light down - Haring’s mythological motifs are instantly recognisable. Not just popular in the streets, Haring’s meteoric rise to fame saw a career sadly cut short by an untimely death caused by Aids. His legacy continues to grow within pop culture and the auction house showing a continued appetite for his works. In today’s article, we explore the most expensive Keith Haring works to have sold at auction.
  • by Alex Yellop
    The Influence of Jean-Michel Basquiat in Popular Culture
    From the streets to the auction houses. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s short-lived but ferocious career has influenced the artworld and wider culture since it was sadly cut short in 1987. Starting as an unknown graffiti artist using the tag SAMO ( 'Same Old Shit') in New York's Lower East Side, and quickly rose to international acclaim as one of the most prominent and provocative artists of his time. Tragically dying at just 27, Basquiat has left a wealth of art for the world to enjoy. His influence on art and culture can still be felt today and in this article we explore Basquiat’s influence on popular culture.
  • by Alex Yellop
    The Most Expensive Andy Warhol Paintings Ever Sold
    Andy Warhol is one of the most influential artists of all time. His ability to absorb, understand and disseminate the essence of his subjects is almost unparalleled. Often drawing inspiration from pop-culture images, famous figures and events: his works are highly sought after by collectors across the globe still some thirty years after his death and are firmly established within the great pantehon of art. In this article, we look into the most expensive Warhol paintings ever sold.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Most expensive Basquiat's sold at auction

    When it comes to contemporary art, few names resonate as powerfully as Jean-Michel Basquiat. Emerging from the gritty streets of 1980s New York City, Basquiat transformed from a graffiti prodigy to an art world superstar in just a few short years. Along with fame, Basquiat’s works have seen an astronomical rise in their auction valuations, reflecting his enduring significance and the ever-growing demand for his art. 

    From SAMO© to Sotheby's

    Basquiat's early work, tagged under the pseudonym "SAMO©", adorned the walls of the Lower East Side, laying the foundation for his journey. His transition from streets to galleries was swift. By the mid-1980s, he was collaborating with iconic figures like Andy Warhol and exhibiting in major galleries around the world.

  • by Alex Yellop
    David Hockney A Celebration Review
    David Hockney is a titan of British cultural life. A stable presence that feels almost like he has always been there: creating, enduring and innovating. Over the course of the last seven decades, the 86 old artist has been a constant within British contemporary life. His impact has been immeasurable both in regards to his staggering auction prices and his influence on contemporary art of today.  Now enjoying one of his most prolific periods of his life, Sky Arts recently celebrated his life and output in their new documentary: David Hockney: A Celebration. In this article, we review the documentary hosted by Melvyn Bragg.
  • by Alex Yellop
    How to chose an art hand;ler
    When it comes to the safe and precise delivery of your valuable artworks, making the right choice in art shipping is pivotal. Whether you're an artist sending your work, a collector acquiring new pieces, or a gallery owner moving art, the art shipping process holds significant importance.
  • When Harry Met David

    Hockney Paints Styles
    by Alex Yellop
    Image of national portrait gallery
    David Hockney, one of the world’s most endearing and enduring artists, has recently painted a portrait of pop singer Harry styles which will appear at his rescheduled show “Drawing From Life” taking place at the National Portrait Gallery. The exhibition, which was unexpectedly cancelled as a result of the COVID pandemic, will open to the public in November 2023.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Complete Soup Can 1 Portfolio image
    First aired on BBC 2 in January 2022, Andy Warhol's America is a three-part series looking at the history of 20th century America through the life and career of Andy Warhol. The series covers major historical events and tells the stories of Warhol’s response to what he saw happening around him on TV and in the newspapers. In this article, we review the series and share our views on a fast-paced and exciting documentary that paints a vivid portrait of one of the 20th century’s most important artists.
  • Andy Warhol & Death

    As told through three works
    by Alex Yellop
    Andy Warhol Electric Chair Portfolio
    Arguably one of the greatest chroniclers of mid-20th century American life, Warhol revealed and explored key aspects that constituted the American society that he grew up and lived in. Indeed, it has often been said that if the United States was wiped off of a map and only Warhol’s remained, you would have the perfect understanding of American culture. Often, his work is tied to a platonic ideal of the American dream - people, places and things seemingly frozen within his portfolios and series. However, not only did Warhol explore the American dream he also shone a light on the American nightmare. In this article we explore Warhol’s exploration of the more sinister side of Americana through three iconic works.
  • The Most Popular Banksy Artworks

    We Explore Banksy's Most Iocnic Work
    by Alex Yellop
    The Most Popular Banksy Artworks
    Arguably not just the street artist but the artist of his generation,Banksy has gone from underground Bristolian wall-scribler to an international name. A stalwart of auction houses across the world, the elusive artist’s work is recognised by millions across the world - both art collectors and the wider public. Whilst his identity remains closely guarded, his impact on the artworld and wider cultural sphere does not. We explore tBanksy’s most famous pieces of art throughout his career which spans over 20 years.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Double East Yorkshire David Hockney
    David Hockney is arguably one of the most important British artists of, not just the 20th century, but of all time. His unique style and talent for capturing the seemingly mundane in such a vivid, enthralling and colourful manner has led him to be highly sought -after by institutions and private collectors across the world. Possessing an almost innate ability to transform the mundane into a cacophony of colours, angles and light Hockney’s mastery of various mediums (printmaking, iPads, collages and paint) make him not only one of the most established artists but one of the most innovatie. It is not only in the studio where Hockney creates magic. His artworks have regularly set auction records and his performance at auction has led him to become one of the richest living artists. In this article, we will explore the 10 most expensive David Hockney artworks sold at auction.
  • Basquiat in 5 Facts

    His Life and Legacy
    by Alex Yellop
    Basquiat in 5 Facts

    Jean-Michel Basquiat burst onto the 80s New York art scene with the type of energy and output that only a start can produce. Quickly moving from street artist (under the moniker SAMO) Basquiat quickly established himself critically, commercially and XXX within the artworld of the time. His legacy lives on and, since his untimely death in XXX, his works have regularly sold for record prices at auction. It is not only in the auction houses where Basquiat’s legacy is palatable, Jean-Michel Basquiat estate prints rapidly sell out when appearing on the secondary market. One of the most fascinating artists of, not only his time but of now, we look at 5 facts about one of the most important cultural figures of the 20th century. 

  • by Alex Yellop
    Harriett Nicholls interview with Andipa
    Harriet Nicholls is an acclaimed interior designer who led the redesign of our townhouse and home for more than 50 years. Known for bringing a youthful twist to classic style, Harriet creates interiors that are both elegant and relaxed - which, often, visitors to our gallery mention when experiencing her work. We recently spoke with Harriet as to the importance of art, her career and her latest developments.
  • by Alex Yellop
    8 Facts About Keith Haring
    Keith Haring is widely considered to be one of the most popular and influential artists of the 20th century. His deeply human, hieroglyphic style, a visual language entirely of his own, has resonated with the public and collectors for over 40 years. Bursting onto the NYC street art scene of the 1980s, Haring was an instant success who used his platform to raise awareness for social issues that were as pertinent then as they are today. Haring’s vibrant and energetic works are replete with an eerie, almost proto-human sense of basic yet profound communication - simple figures that convey such meaning. In this article we share 8 facts about Keith Haring.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Banksy at Andipa
    Since his arrival on the art scene in the mid to late 1990s, Banksy has risen from humble Bristolian street artist to a global icon. His works, political and drenched in sardonic wit, have captured the imagination of collectors, the auction houses and the wider public. Motifs and symbols that are recognised across the world, his seminal works and stunts have become part of the cultural fabric of the 21st century. In this article, we explore why Banksy is important and his popularity.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Damien Hirst 10 facts
    Damien Hirst is one of the most important figures within British art. First appearing as part of the Young British Artist movement of the 1980’s along with other seminal figures such as Mark Quinn and Tracey Emin Hirst has become a household name within art. His fascination with life and death and his natural instinct as a colourist makes his artworks both highly converted and  both visually and intellectually stimulating.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Andy Warhol Signature
    One of the most influential people of the 20th century, Andy Warhol’s impact on both the art and wider world cannot be understated. From revolutionary techniques within the medium of screenprinting to the ability to turn everyday objects and images into high-art, Warhol’s legacy is very much apparent in our 21st century world. Fascinated by the concept of machisation and the industrial production of art, Warhol, conversely, was often not involved in the production of his art - even leaving the signing of works to his assistants. This departure from pre-established, traditional ways of understanding and making art naturally makes authenticating Warhol’s canon both complex and difficult. In this article we will explore how to authenticate an Andy Warhol artwork.
  • A Day In Knightsbridge

    An Interview
    by Alex Yellop
    A Day In Knightsbridge
    Knightsbridge is known for its picturesque streets, more often than not the realm of the Insta-influencers more recently, and local, residential feel. For over 57 years, Andipa have been fortunate to call the area our home. The local feel, that many of our clients say makes the area so unique and welcoming, can be found in its residents, boutiques and local businesses. One such business (that falls on our doorstep) is The Capital Hotel which is nestled in one such charming  and  quiet street. Traditional and full of classic, British-character, the hotel creates a personal feel - one that is very much in the style of Andipa. We speak with Sales & Marketing Manager Charles Roberts about “His Knightsbridge” as he shares his recommendations for a day in SW1.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Why is Banksy So Popular?

    Since 2006, Andipa have led the secondary Banksy market for both original prints and artworks. Curating museum exhibitions across the world , over the last 17 years in dealing in Banksy, his popularity amongst collectors and the wider public has continued to grow. In today’s article, we ask the question, why is Banksy so popular?.

  • by Alex Yellop
    Yayoi Kusama signed flower print
    Yayoi Kusama has become a global icon in recent years both within and outside of the art world. Her extraordinary career, that spans over five decades, has led her to becoming one of the world’s most popular and beloved artists. In today’s article, we look at Yayoi Kusama as one of the most important artists of the 20th century and why any collector should give thought to adding her works to their collection.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Banksy The Story Image

    Following on from the launch of his first solo show in 14 years, the interest in Banksy both as an artist and for his artworks continues to remain strong. Recently, there has been an increase in press coverage with the broadcast of a new BBC Radio 4 show  “The Banksy Story”. The 10 part series examines the life, art and infamy of the world’s most in demand artist. In today’s article, we review each episode of the seminal series that is a must for any Banksy collector.

    First aired on the 17th of July 2023 on BBC Radio 4 and online on  BBC Radio 4 the podcast is written by self-confessed “Banksy super-fan” James Pek who assures listeners he will give us the low-down on the artist and the world he inhabits. Throughout the series, Peak speaks with Banksy collectors, art dealers and an alleged associate of the Banksy camp. The enthralling series charters the sensational rise of the world’s most alluring artist. The series builds up to the burning question, who is he? But before we get to the final part we review each episode.

  • My Journey Collecting Banksy

    Guest article by a Banksy collector of Andipa
    by Alex Yellop
    But signed print by Banksy called Morons I Can't Believe you Buy This

    Banksy is a name that sends shivers down the spine of the contemporary art world. His pseudonymous identity, paradoxical ideology, and the ephemeral nature of his works inspire awe, debate, and for some of us, a deep-seated desire to collect. As a private collector of Banksy prints, I often find myself on an enthralling journey, unveiling layers of truth, rebellion, and satire encapsulated in the art of this elusive iconoclast.

  • Why Collect Lichtenstein?

    Spots, Stripes & Seminal Strokes
    by Alex Yellop
    Why Collect Roy Lichtenstein prints
    Collecting Roy Lichtenstein screen prints can be a rewarding and significant endeavour for art enthusiasts. Roy Lichtenstein, an iconic figure of the Pop Art movement, revolutionised the art world with his distinctive style characterised by bold colours, comic book-inspired imagery, and the use of Ben-Day dots. In today’s article, we explore why collecting Roy Lichtenstein is not just for lovers of pop art.
  • Why collect Damien Hirst?

    Life, death and all that is between.
    by Alex Yellop
    Why collect Damien Hirst
    Damien Hirst has, for over three decades, captivated the global artworld through his thought-provoking and provocative works.  While Hirst is widely recognised for his iconic installations and sculptures, his screen prints have also garnered significant attention from collectors and art enthusiasts for over three decades. Today’s article explores the reasons why Damien Hirst's screen prints are highly desirable and why they are worth collecting.
  • Collecting Banksy

    Why Collect Banksy's Limited Editions
    by Alex Yellop
    Why collect Banksy prints
    In the second part of our ongoing series, we look into the reasons behind adding the artists available at Andipa Editions to your collection. Satirical and subversive, socially conscious and sarcastic, Banksy’s art resonates with collectors across the globe. Indeed, his meteoric rise to fame is only eclipsed by his performances both in private sales and at auction. Whether grabbing headlines for his street works or his latest exhibitions, notoriety follows Banksy as if it were his shadow. In today’s article, we explore why as an art collector adding Banksy to your collection is a must.
  • The Value of Collecting Andy Warhol Screen Prints

    Investment, Influence, and Iconography
    by Alex Yellop
    Warhol Vesuvius
    Andy Warhol is renowned for his colourful, celebrity-infused screen prints that blur the line between art and commodity. Warhol's work revolutionised the art world, presenting an entirely new perspective on what could be considered art. For the art collector, the acquisition of an Andy Warhol screenprint is not only a smart investment but also a chance to own a piece of art history. In today’s article, we look into why adding Warhol to your collection is not only an aesthetic choice but can also be a lucrative one. 
  • Why Collect David Hockney?

    Colour, Light, and Perspective
    by Alex Yellop
    Why collect David Hockney prints
    David Hockney, widely considered to be one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, has made a remarkable impact on the world of art with his vibrant landscapes, portraits, and pool scenes. His use of colour and innovative exploration of perspective are instantly recognisable and equally influential. Collecting David Hockney's prints provides an opportunity to own a piece of his artistic legacy, characterised by experimentation, progression, and a deep love for the act of observing. In today’s article we examine why as an art collector, adding Hockney to your collection is to be considered.
  • The Importance of Pop Art

    In the Context of Art History
    by Alex Yellop
    Buy limited edition print signed by Andy Warhol
    Art is an ever-evolving expression of human creativity, reflecting socio-cultural changes and personal perspectives. One of the most pivotal movements in the 20th century was Pop Art. Emerging during the 1950s, this art form became an integral part of Western cultural history, especially in the United States and Britain. Pop Art challenged traditional boundaries and conventions of art, embracing elements of consumer culture, celebrity, media, and popular culture. Its significance lies in its radical reshaping of what constituted art and its profound influence on subsequent movements.
  • Banksy's Tesco Soup Series

    A Hommage To A Great
    by Alex Yellop
    Buy Banksy Tesco Soup can signed limited edition print
    Renowned anonymous street artist Banksy has captivated the world with his thought-provoking and often politically charged artwork. In one of his most intriguing series, the Tesco Soup prints, Banksy delves into the themes of consumerism, mass production, and the commodification of art in the footsteps of Andy Warhol. This article explores the captivating nature of Banksy's Tesco Soup series and the messages it conveys.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Grayson Perry exhibition 'Smash Hits' at the Scottish National Gallery 2023
    Banner image: Grayson Perry, Kenilworth AM1, 2010, custom-built motorcycle © Grayson Perry. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro. Photo Angus Mill.
    The Scottish National Gallery is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to host the much-anticipated forthcoming exhibition, "Smash Hits," featuring the works of the renowned British artist Grayson Perry. With his distinctive style and thought-provoking themes, Perry has become a household name in the contemporary art world. This exhibition promises to be a spectacular showcase of his talent, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience. Let's delve into the world of Grayson Perry and explore what makes "Smash Hits" a must-see event.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Grayson Perry limited edition signed print Print for a Politician
    Grayson Perry, a renowned British artist and social commentator, has consistently used his artistic prowess to dissect and challenge contemporary society. In his thought-provoking map, "Print for a Politician," Perry presents a visual narrative that serves as both a critique and an invitation for reflection on the state of politics. This article aims to delve into the intricacies of Perry's map, exploring its symbolism, underlying messages, and its relevance in an ever-evolving political landscape.
  • Yayoi Kusama's Enchanting Flower Prints

    Exploring Nature's Infinite Beauty
    by Alex Yellop
    Kusama Flower A
    Yayoi Kusama, the renowned Japanese contemporary artist, is celebrated for her captivating artistic expressions that transcend boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the art world. Among her vast body of work, Kusama's flower prints hold a special place, encapsulating her unique perspective on nature's infinite beauty. Through vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and a keen sense of symmetry, Kusama's flower prints invite viewers into a world where the organic and the abstract merge seamlessly.
  • The NHS at 75

    Celebrating with Banksy's "Game Changer"
    by Alex Yellop
    The NHS at 75
    In the world of street art, Banksy has emerged as one of the most enigmatic and influential figures. Known for his thought-provoking and politically charged works, Banksy's art challenges societal norms and speaks to the masses. One such artwork that has captivated audiences worldwide is "Game Changer." Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, this piece carries a profound message that resonates with people during a time of uncertainty and crisis. In this article, we will delve into the context and meaning behind Banksy's "Game Changer" and explore its significance in the contemporary art landscape.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Image of Grayson Perry the artist receiving his knighthood
    In a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding artistic achievements and contributions to the world of contemporary art, renowned British artist Grayson Perry has been knighted! Perry's unconventional and thought-provoking works have garnered international acclaim, challenging societal norms and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. This article delves into the significance of Grayson Perry's knighthood and celebrates his invaluable contributions to the arts.
  • "The Secret Lives of Colour" by Kassia St. Clair - A Review

    A Journey into the Fascinating World of Colour
    by Alex Yellop
    Review of Kassia St Clair's Book The Secret Lives of Colour
    "The Secret Lives of Colour" by Kassia St. Clair is an extraordinary book that delves into the captivating history, cultural significance, and intriguing anecdotes surrounding colours. With meticulous research, eloquent prose, and a passion for the subject matter, St. Clair takes readers on an enthralling journey through the kaleidoscope of colours that have shaped our world.
  • American Pop Art

    A Revolution in Everyday Aesthetics
    by Alex Yellop
    American Pop Art
    The American Pop Art emerged as a transformative movement during the mid-20th century, challenging the conventional norms of art and redefining the boundaries of creativity. With its vibrant colours, bold imagery, and focus on popular culture, the movement played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between high art and mass culture. To celebrate the 4th of July, we dive into the history of American Pop Art, highlighting the contributions of three iconic figures: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring.
  • Roy Lichtenstein's Printmaking

    Unveiling Subjects and Techniques
    by Alex Yellop
    Roy Lichtenstein's Printmaking
    One of, if not the iconic figures in the Pop Art movement,Roy Lichtenstein revolutionised the art world with his bold and vibrant prints. While his paintings are widely recognized, Lichtenstein's contributions to printmaking are equally significant. In today’s article, we will delve into Roy Lichtenstein's printmaking subjects and techniques, exploring the themes and artistic processes that made his prints so distinctive and influential.
  • Damien Hirst

    A Master of Printmaking
    by Alex Yellop
    Damien Hirst website banner
    Known for his provocative and conceptually-driven artwork, Damien Hirst has made notable contributions to the world of printmaking. While he is renowned for his installations and sculptures, Hirst's printmaking practice deserves recognition for its visual and technical mastery. In this article, we will examine Damien Hirst's printmaking, uncovering the intriguing themes and innovative processes that define this body of work.
  • David Hockney's Printmaking

    Diving into printmaking
    by Alex Yellop
    David Hockney landscape print
    Renowned for his vibrant and innovative works, David Hockney has made significant contributions to the world of printmaking. While he is renowned for his paintings and digital art, Hockney's printmaking deserves recognition for its distinct subjects and techniques. In this article, we explore Hockney's printmaking subjects and techniques, highlighting the unique artistic processes and captivating themes that define his prints.
  • Grayson Perry: A Master of Prints

    Etchings, Maps & More
    by Alex Yellop
    Image of Grayson PErry as a master of prints
    Grayson Perry is celebrated for his thought-provoking and visually stunning artwork across various mediums. While Perry is known for his ceramics and tapestries, his mastery of printmaking also deserves recognition. Through printmaking, Perry brings his unique perspectives on society, culture, and identity to life. In this article, we will delve into Grayson Perry's printmaking subjects and techniques, discovering the powerful narratives and artistic processes behind his captivating prints.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Close up of Haring Figure print
    Keith Haring, one of the most prominent figures in the 1980s New York art scene, left an enduring legacy with his iconic imagery and social activism. While Haring is celebrated for his powerful murals and drawings, his contributions to printmaking are equally significant. In this article, we will delve into Keith Haring's printmaking subjects and techniques, unravelling the vibrant subjects he tackled and the innovative artistic processes he employed.
  • Well Framed

    Andipa in discussion with Pendragon Framers
    by Alex Yellop
    Well Framed
    As part of our new, ongoing series we speak with our network of suppliers and explore specific areas of their work. In today's article, we speak to Pendragon Frames about their important role in framing artworks for our gallery and clients.
  • Warhol’s Women

    Glitz, Glamour and The Female Gaze
    by Alex Yellop
    Warhol’s Women
    One of, if not the most influential artists of the 20th Century, Andy Warhol’s pop-art images have become enshrined in the global lexicon of art. As much revered for his important works and prominent style as for embracing the fame that his talent brought him, Warhol’s impact on both the culture and art of the 20th century cannot be underestimated. Subject matter ranged from seemingly innocuous daily items to the most recognisable public figures of his time and presented a slice of Americana that has, for some,  since not been bettered. Amongst his portrait works it is perhaps the female subjects that he chose that have become the most famous and intriguing of his style. Frozen in time, they remain leading the female icons of the 20th century. In today's article we explore a selection of Warhol’s women and how he presents the female figure.
  • A Banksy Safari

    Exploring Banksy's Use Of Animals
    by Alex Yellop
    Banksy Dumbo print
    Throughout Banksy’s prolific career the artist has used a variety of reoccurring motifs - in particular children and animals. Animals, the theme of our article, can serve as powerful symbols, often representing certain qualities or ideas. Indeed, the emotional response that animals provoke can also create a deeper connection with his audience and make the viewers more receptive to the underlying message of the artwork. A relatable subject, animals relatable subjects that transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. By incorporating animals, Banksy's artwork can resonate with a wider audience, allowing his messages to reach people from different backgrounds and cultures. With this in mind, we undertake a Banksy safari looking at some of his most popular animal motifs across his print editions.
  • Grace Kelly Portfolio

    An Overview
    by Alex Yellop
    Grace Kelly Portfolio
    Eternally glamorous and frozen in a moment, Grace Kelly remains one of Warhol’s most enduring portraits. Commissioned and published in 1984  just two years after her tragic death from a car accident, this portrait sits within the Warholian tradition of depicting quintessential American celebrity icons posthumously. In today’s article we explore the creation and inspiration behind the work.
  • The Latest Banksy Exhibition | Cut & Run

    The First Solo Show In 14 Years
    by Alex Yellop
    Cut and Run Banksy Exhibition
    In an announcement that has dominated the headlines of the artworld, Banksy has announced a new exhibition, his first solo exhibition in 14 years, Taking place at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) the “Cut & Paste” showcases 25 years of the stencil’s used by the world’s most elusive artist throughout his prolific career.
  • From Matsumoto With Love

    Introducing Kusama
    by Alex Yellop
    Image of Yayoi Kusama sculpture
    Yayoi Kusama is known for her avant-garde and groundbreaking work that spans across various mediums, including painting, sculpture, installations, performance art, and writing. Born on March 22, 1929, in Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan, Kusama's artistic journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of self-expression, creativity, and a tireless exploration of the human psyche. In today’s article we celebrate offering Yayoi Kusama prints  at Andipa Editions by looking through her life and career and why she is an important artist to collect.
  • A Talented Trio

    June 12th 2023
    by Alex Yellop
    Banksy Banner Image

    A trio of street art titans are now available at Andipa Editions as we are delighted to announce the availability of iconic Jean-Michel basquiat prints that complement both our Banksy and Keith Haring offerings In today’s article, we look into these three seminal street artists whose works have become as recognisable as they are desirable.

  • Light & Water

    A few thoughts on Hockney
    by Alex Yellop
    David Hockney Pool
    David Hockney demonstrates a remarkable ability to depict light and water in his art. Throughout his career, spanning over 7 decades, Hockney has explored these elements with a keen eye, creating works that are visually stunning and emotionally evocative. From his iconic swimming pool series to his landscapes and portraits, Hockney's use of light and water has become synonymous with his artistic style. In today’s article we will delve into the ways Hockney harnesses light and water in his art, examining the techniques he employs and the effects they produce.
  • by Alex Yellop
    Banksy rats a guide
    Rats, along with monkeys, elephants and children are an archetypal motif that Banksy has employed throughout his career across many street and studio works. In his 2005 autobiographical book Wall and Piece, which features over 30 different representations of rats from the artist’s early career, Banksy writes, “[Rats] exist without permission. They are hated, hunted and persecuted. They live in quiet desperation amongst the filth. And yet they are capable of bringing entire civilisations to their knees. If you are dirty, insignificant and unloved then rats are the ultimate role model.”
  • by Alex Yellop
    King Pleasure Exhiibition Cover
    Last year Andipa were in New York City for the launch of the latest leg of the critically acclaimed Banksy exhibition ‘Building Castles in the Sky’. We share our review of the fabulous Basquiat King Pleasure Exhibition that was originally posted on Andipa Gallery. 
  • by Alex Yellop
    Moving Focus Series by David Hockney
    The largest of Hockney’s print series, Moving Focus is arguably one of his most ambitious both in subject matter and scope. The series of twenty-nine prints  was created from 1984 through to 1986. Employing a variety of styles and techniques, it is widely regarded as an exemplary example of the artist’s printmaking interest and his innate appreciation and command of perspective and colour. In today’s article, we explore a short analysis of the works in the series.
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